Waste Passport

We transform waste batch discharged by ships in digital assets (tokenization), specifically we use Composable tokens to record qualitative characteristics and quantitative indicators: type of waste, weight, origin and destination, process transformation and the rights and obligations attached to each waste batch

Circular Indicators

Waste Type

Waste Declaration


Waste Weight

Waste Declaration

1kg of Plastic Waste


Waste Origin



Waste Reception








Real Time Data & Digital Lifecycle

We create new customers expectation's by giving real-time data to all the involved actors.

We transformwaste in value by tokenizing the chains of supply.

Waste Traceability

One of the essential elements of the circular economy is to be able to obtain full traceability of waste, from the moment it is generated until its final disposal and handling in compliance with the waste handling guidelines to protect the environment from pollution. Likewise, citizens and Regulatory Authorities demand to know the composition of products both in terms of materials (recycled or not) and carbon footprint impact, both within their processes and those that affect the value chain.

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Blockchain technology an opportunity for sustainable development


We offer a complete portfolio of blockchain services to rapidly integrate the technology with your existing business process and accelerate your digital innovation journey towards circularity.

CIRCULARPORT is a project powered by Blue Room Innovation and its affiliate companies Blue Circular Innovation and Bildosund.