The Recycling company will add the process transformation for this batch, adding new “features” to our WASTE PASSPORT: separation,  depuration, transformation, etc. Bringing on value to the waste batch.


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90% Recycled Material

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ISO 14031 & ECO

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90% Plastic 10% Glass

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Big Data & AI

Once gathered enough information CIRCULARPORT will validate the process using Business Intelligence and AI technology to provide to Port Authorities and related stakeholders not only a complete report of their sustainability KPIs but to detect bottlenecks on their current situation on the waste management process and propose measures to improve the whole process.

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Blockchain technology an opportunity for sustainable development

We offer a complete portfolio of blockchain services to rapidly integrate the technology with your existing business process and accelerate your digital innovation journey towards circularity.

CIRCULARPORT is a project powered by Blue Room Innovation and its affiliate company Blue Circular Innovation.